I was approached for this music video through Will Stern and Ceri Passmore at Dacapo. Working Directly with the band rather than through their record company which was a first! Felix & Simon from Basement Jaxx had seen a peice of work I had directed for MTV and wanted to create something similar.


We shot all the elements green screen and stuck Dizzee's head onto a little boys body to give it that strange visual pop to the movements. The animation was done in house at Skaramoosh in Covent Garden, Ceri Passmore produced the shoot and post. Reg Wrench at preditors edited it.


This was the quickest turn around job I have ever worked on. I was approached  late in the Day on a Thursday The band wanted to see a treatment by Friday morning. They loved it and gave the go ahead to shoot the following Wednesday. All hands were on deck, Ceri Passmore (producer) did a brilliant job of pulling it out the bag. Finding a belly dancer, martial arts expert, gymnast, rocket girl, breakdancer and booking all crew & studio within two days. After the green screen shoot they needed the edit complete with all compositing & animations finished by the following week.



Scaramoosh post production team were great. Reg Wrench at Preditors cut the off line. Zave Jackson, Anthony (now at frame store), John Cryer (now at platform) and many more put the hours in to composit every shot in shake & smoke. I created the look in photoshop and found elements to composit in, off an old effects reel.  My trusty timelapsed clouds and galaxy stars etc came in very useful.


Sticking Dizzee's head on a radioactive childs dancing body was never going to be straight forward; but I've always said Directing is a group effort and with something this complicated having a great team around you made it really enjoyable even though I didn't get much sleep that week.



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